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High-Viscosity Flexible Polyurethane Resin in Bulk

Our four-year high-viscosity resin provides a thick polyurethane coating that's ideal for making high-dome labels. This flexible, non-yellowing resin is crystal clear and is fully weather-resistant for four full years, making it perfect for both indoor or outside use.

This superior-quality resin is available in a variety of packaging types and sizes, including gallon square cans, 2.5-gallon bags and 5-gallon bags. For large-volume users, you may also buy this flexible polyurethane resin in bulk 15-gallon drums. Each of these size options includes two parts – Part A (Z-8200HV4-10.01) and Part B (Z-8200). These parts are mixed in a 1:1 ratio to produce the final usable product. The work life after the two parts have been mixed together is five minutes. It gels over in about 20 minutes and cures within eight hours (at 100°F) to 24 hours (at room temp). The preferred curing environment is at less than 45% relative humidity and at temperatures between 65°F and 78°F.