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Glass-Hard Rigid Polyurethane in Bulk

For producing rigid polyurethane domed labels, your best choice is our rigid polyurethane resin. This glass-hard polyurethane formulation is Z-8684M-5.025 for Part A and Z-8686 for Part B. It's rated 75D on the Shore Hardness Scale and dries to a crystal-clear finish. With a four-year weather resistance, this optically clear doming resin will neither yellow nor crack and is ideal for outdoor applications.

You can buy your glass-hard polyurethane resin in two-part kits of two 1-gallon cans, two 2.5-gallon bags, two 5-gallon bags or, for a bulk resin option, two 15-gallon drums. Once Part A and Part B have been combined, you have a five-minute working window. Gel time is 20 minutes, and cure time is as follows: eight hours when cured at 100°F and 24 hours when cured at room temperature (65°F to 78°F) at a relative humidity of less than 45%.