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Polyurethane Resin & Epoxy Resin Cartridges

As one of the leading doming resin suppliers in the U.S., we offer a complete selection of various polyurethane and epoxy resins in 75 ml cartridges available here. You'll find a flexible epoxy resin cartridge and a flexible polyurethane resin cartridge, both at wholesale discounts when purchasing 3 to 12 cartridges, with an even greater discount when buying 13 or more units. Crystal clear polyurethane resin cartridges also come in a rigid formulation. Glass hard, rigid polyurethane is weather resistant and highly durable for years.

Be advised: The flexible clear epoxy resin cartridge option shouldn't be selected for outdoor use. White, non-yellowing resin is appropriate for outdoor use, however. It gels up within five minutes and fully cures within a few hours. The Max Dome Kit is ideal for applying the products within your polyurethane or epoxy resin cartridges. The kit includes a cartridge gun, one cartridge and two mixers.