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Doming Epoxy Resin

We offer 75-ml cartridges of doming epoxy resin in both flexible and rigid formulas for either outdoor use or indoor use. You'll find we carry several different formulations, including non-yellowing clear epoxy resin, white non-yellowing epoxy resin, UV-resistant epoxy resin and clear, flexible epoxy resin made for indoor use. This particular formula features a blue tint for brightness. This product has a working time of five minutes, a gel time of 20 minutes and a cure time of 24 hours at room temperature.

For bulk epoxy resin, consider our 2-gallon, two-part kit of non-yellowing epoxy-like resin. This wholesale epoxy resin will save a significant amount of money when compared to purchasing resins in the 75-ml cartridges. For cartridge use, accessories include a Max Dome Kit consisting of a cartridge gun, a resin cartridge and two mixers.

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50ml White Non Yellowing Resin 75ml Non Yellowing Resin - Rigged Non Yellowing Resin - 2 Gallons Total - Two Part Urethane