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Mercury-Free Flexible Polyurethane Coating

Our four-year flexible mercury-free polyurethane coating is a standard viscosity, rated at 50 Shore D hardness, and used for domed decals that, being mercury-free, are environmentally friendly stickers. You can buy this resin in gallon cans, 2.5-gallon bags or 5-gallon bags. These are sold in two-part kits: Part A (Z-8200M1-4.05) and Part B (Z-8200). These two parts are mixed together in equal amounts to produce the usable product, which can then be worked for about five minutes, at which time it will start to gel. Total gel time is 20 minutes, and cure time is 10 hours at 100°F or 24 hours at room temperature.

You may also obtain bulk flexible polyurethane resin in a 30-gallon kit, consisting of a 15-gallon drum of Part A and one of Part B. This resin formula is weather-resistant for four years, during which time it will remain clear and not crack or turn yellow. Another option is the 30-gallon kit of a resin consisting of Part A (Z-8500-5.05) and Part B (Z-8500). This formulation is slightly different in that it is weather-resistant for a full five years and features excellent adhesion properties.